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Shattered FX is proud to stand behind our products which is why we offer a FREE lifetime warranty with every silicone mask purchase. We know accidents happen, and we want to be there when they do! Simply contact us if your mask rips or tears and we will set up your free repair service and get your mask back & repaired as soon as possible! The best part? Its absolutely FREE!

What's covered?

Your lifetime warranty covers all rips and tears your mask may experience during use.  While less than 1% of masks tear, we want you to know your Shattered FX silicone mask is fully covered under our lifetime warranty.   No questions asked.  If you’re mask rips and you repair it yourself in any means other than instructed, we will not repair that particular tear (We're talking to you super glue lovers).  Please contact us as soon as your mask tears, do NOT continue to wear or use the mask. This could cause the mask to tear more and will become more difficult to repair.  We reserve the right to turn down any repair for any reason. If the mask is shredded beyond reason, then we cannot repair it- but we will do what we can with what we have. . Any alterations to the mask that may cause it to rip are not covered (Example- rips cause by adding earrings to your mask or  from after market hair punching. Modifying the mask in anyway will void the warranty.  Your mask is covered with a free repair service, this does not include any shipping charges. Return shipping needs to be paid by the customer before the mask is sent back.  Paint is NOT covered under warranty.  We are the only company in the world to stand behind our products by offering a free lifetime warranty on all our masks. Out of warranty repairs typically cost hundreds of dollars- money that will be well saved by purchasing a Silicone Mask from Shattered FX. Depending how extensive the tear is, the repair results may vary. This is a repair, and as such will not be "flawless". No matter how good the repair, you may be able to see it up close. This will differ depending on the level of damage. Your free lifetime warranty is guaranteed to have your mask repaired securely- free of charge. 


Q:  How long is the warranty valid?    A:  LIFETIME Warranty means for life. 

Q:  If i bought a mask second hand, is the warranty still valid?  A: No, you must be the original buyer with valid proof of purchase. 

Q:  Does the warranty cover paint?    A: No, Just rips and tears.

Q:  Is the warranty repair free?     A: YES! However you will be required to pay all shipping costs. 


Q:  Does the warranty cover head socks on the half masks?  A: No, it does not. It only covers the silicone portion of the mask. 

Q: How long do repairs take?    A: About 8-10 weeks. Please make sure not to contact us in August for a repair you need in completed by September for the haunt season- this is our busiest repair time and typically have a 12 week back log. 

Q:  Can you really fix my ripped mask?   A: Of course we can. Repair quality depends of the locations and type of tear, size, etc.. While we strive for a perfect repair, this is not always possible and sometimes the repair can be visible up close.  

How do i repair my silicone mask myself?

While less than 1% of our customers report tears, fixing them yourself can be fast & easy if you follow our instructions closely. 

Supplies you will need-

  1.   Display bust, head form or mannequin head. 

  2. GE Silicone 1, it is available at any home depot/lowes. Or Silpoxy from Smooth-on. We use this as "glue".

  3.  91%  alcohol & dish soap / water

  4. T- pins for pinning the mask back together and holding in place hours+. 

  5.  Popsicle sticks

  6. Chip brush

  7. Naptha

  8. Power mesh- 4 way stretch fabric available online and at some fabric stores. 

STEP 1.     Thoroughly wash your mask with  soap and water. Make sure not to use any soap with abrasive additives. Simple dish soap will work fine. pay extra attention to the area of the tear

STEP 2.    Place your mask on the head form. Use the chip brush to apply  naptha to the ripped area. Feel free to really soak the area. Let dry for several minutes.  This is to prime the area for repair. 

STEP 3.  Pin the tear back together with the T pins. Make sure  you carefully line it back up. This is crucial for a seamless repair. 

STEP 4.  Take the  silpoxy and apply some with a Popsicle inside the tear and lightly on the surface. Wipe away excess with a paper towel.

STEP 5.  Dip chip brush in some naptha to smooth out any silpoxy that may be on the surface. 

STEP 6.  Let sit overnight. 

STEP 7. VERY carefully remove the mask from the headform and turn it inside out.  Lay the mask on a table in a way that keeps the tear together.
T pins can work too. 

STEP 8.  Cut a strip of power mesh to to the size of the tear, leave 1" on all sides for added support and to prevent future tears.


STEP 9.  Apply a coat of silpoxy to the tear while the mask is still inside out. Quickly lay down the power mesh on the rip and push it into the silpoxy with a Popsicle stick or chip brush. After the mesh has been laid down, add a second coat to the top on the mesh and surrounding area. 

STEP 10. Use a chip brush and naptha to smooth out the silpoxy to keep a comfortable fit while wearing.  Let dry for 24 hours. 

STEP 11. Baby powder the area of the repair to matte down the shine. 

Your finished! Enjoy your mask & happy haunting!


Please fill out the below form in order to BEGIN a Repair Order!

Have more questions?

 Feel free to contact and we will try to help you in anyway possible!

silicone masks, silicone mask, shattered fx, silicone, silicone half masks, silicone halloween mask, spfx, silicone collectors masks, silicon masks, silicon, realistic silicone, fetish, zombie silicone, halloween masks, silicone face, haunted house
silicone masks, silicone mask, shattered fx, silicone, silicone half masks, silicone halloween mask, spfx, silicone collectors masks, silicon masks, silicon, realistic silicone, fetish, zombie silicone, halloween masks, silicone face, haunted house

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